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9 Jan

4 Kenyan Dishes Everyone Should Try

Being in such a culturally rich country like Kenya, one can quickly develop a culture shock due to an overwhelmingly number of new impressions. One thing is for certain though, everyone’s gotta eat! Here we listed four Kenyan dishes you MUST try when visiting this beautiful country. Even if you don’t develop a culture shock, your taste buds certainly will! 😉


This is the staple food in Kenya. The dish has many local names such as sima, sembe, obokima, obusuma, ngima or arega. Ugali is a dish made of cassava flour, maize flour or sorghum flour cooked in boiling water until it forms a thick paste. The delicacy goes down well with greens and roasted meat. Ugali can be found just about any food outlet in Kenya. You definitely have to have a try; most foreigners have nicknamed it the tasteless cake.

‘I’ve been eating it all my life and I cannot say how it tastes like. I can only say that if it’s bad it’s really bad and if it’s good it accompanies stuff beautifully.’

Robert McCann, Reckless eater.

Sukuma Wiki


Sukuma wiki (greens) goes well with Ugali. Most Kenyans prefer to take it while it’s sliced into thin pieces, and then fried with oil together with onions and tomato. Ugali and Sukuma wiki is a standard meal for most Kenyans. Sukuma wiki just like Ugali is found in any food outlet in Kenya.


This food was originally brought into Kenya by Indians and it’s very popular around the East African region. Chapati is flat bread that is cooked together with oil. It can be eaten as a snack with tea or together with stew and vegetables.

Chapati is just as common as Ugali and is also a common delicacy during holidays and special parties.


This article would have been incomplete if I had not mentioned ‘nyamachoma’. ‘Nyamchom’, as most locals call it, is east Africa is roasted meat. Nyamachoma is always part of the delicacies in special events. This is one of the most popular Kenyan dishes and is mostly accompanied with Ugali, salt and kachumbari (sliced tomatoes and onions). Nyamachoma also goes down well with beer. No party is ever complete without ‘Nyamchom’.

Here’s more information on how to prepare grilled Nyamachoma.

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