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2 Aug

Wildebeest Migration – 6 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Every year about 2 million enormous herds of wildebeest and other animals journey from Tanzania’s Serengeti into the Mara of Kenya. This spectacular phenomenon attracts many tourists. The great migration has been documented and its story has been told in many films.

Here a look at some interesting facts about the great migration

  1. Every year the great migration is different

Every year zebras and wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti plains of Tanzania into the Maasai Mara in Kenya in search of greener pastures. This mostly happens between the months of July and October. However, the exact timing and movement of the animals varies every year depending on a few factors.

2. Crossing through the waters is the most dangerous obstacle of the migration for animals

During the migration Zebras and wildebeest face the dangers of encountering predators in the rivers, hippos and crocodiles are the most common. In addition to the predators there is also the danger of drowning for the animals that cross the part of the river where water is high.

3. Wildebeest calves are able to run after birth

New born wildebeest’s calves are well known for gaining coordination and being able to run at an early age. Most of them are able to get on their feet 2-3 minutes after birth and after some few weeks they are able to outrun predators like lions.

4. The Great migration helps the wildebeests stay alive

First of all this migration is drive by the need for, which every animal to be alive. In addition the movement helps the animals evade predators since most predators can’t follow their preys when they are in a herd.

5. Wildebeests and Zebras have a natural GPS

It has always remained a mystery of how the herds move from the Serengeti to the Mara. However, there are 2 theories that have been used to explain the phenomenon. The first is that they follow their instincts; the other theory is that they respond to the weather

Apart from the wildebeest migration, there a lot to see when one takes a Safari trip to see the great migration. Some of these attractions include the ‘Big Five’ (Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo)

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